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What's the maxium dose for Duloxtine? (MG)?

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ziggyk 11 Jun 2015

Hi Lucy. I don't know if my comment will help you any, however, if you read the information insert from the makers of Duloxetine (generic Cymbalta) it actually says, including almost for every ailment it is given for, that it has not been proven that people on doses of more than 30 to 60mg have any better results than those on 30 to 60mg. The studies they did on people, showed that. But that the higher the dose,more than 60mg per day, the people showed more side effects without any improvement. I have seen on this site, people posting that they take as high as 180mg per day. I feel that giving the lower dose, of either 20mg or 30mg, at least 3 mths to see full effects is the safest way, and then proceed to the 60mg if needed. Of course i am not a Dr., but the makers of the med know more about it, so i trust the information they give.

LucyMols 11 Jun 2015

Ziggyk- that's great information. Thankyou. What's the next dose up from 60MG?? X

ziggyk 13 Jun 2015

Lucy, I think most Dr.s increase by 30mg. So, i would think it would be 90mg after 60mg. free discount card

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