When the physical medicine doctor wrote the prescription (after doing a nerve conductivity test which showed mild to moderate CTS in my left hand and none in the other. I also have tendinitis in both upper limbs) I saw that the maximum amount of 300 mg pills was 6 a day.

I started out with 1, then the next week increased it to 2 a day. Was okay with that until three weeks later when I increased it to 3 a day a week ago Friday, and then 4 a day last Friday (two days ago). I'm taking 2 in the morning and 2 twelve hours later.

I return to work (office work) on Wednesday and have a feeling I am going to have to increase the dosage next Friday.

I accidentally ran across a FB message dated 12/25/10 that I sent to a friend in the diabetes online community talking about the pain from CTS (it wasn't this bad back then). Geesh!

I have decided to have the surgery in 2013, even though I am afraid to have it done.