I have chronic migraines and was prescribed propranolol 160mg/daily. I took it for a couple of months but it did nothing to prevent the migraines. My Dr. switched me to topiramate 25mg first week then 50mg from then on. It worked great but my hair was falling out and still is after stopping it for a month! I am now on amitriptyline 50mg/daily but I'm waking up in the middle of the night with horrible headaches but they go away after taking aspirin. Now my Dr. wants me to see a Neurologist. Can the dosage of the propranolol be increased or is there something else that would help me? I can't go w/o any medicines for my migraines because they are too debilitating and last 4-5 days! The last one lasted 2 weeks and I ended up at the emergency room for relief!