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What is the max dosage on 1mg Alprazolam or is it safe to take 6at a tme for a 280 lb person?

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Inactive 15 Apr 2012

Hi Kristibear,
I was just told that four miligrams are the "addictive level" by my Rheumatologist. But, that was for a person (I'm guessing at this part) that weighs around 100 pds. I could be wrong about this because of the weight issue.
Best wishes to you,
sweet lemon

Inactive 15 Apr 2012

Forgot to say, at that dose, and at that weight, xanax just may be a CNS depressant (it IS a cns depressant), but being over weight (sorry) may be more dangerous taking xanax, please be careful.

endlessPred 15 Apr 2012

Yes, it can cause breathing problems during sleep. CNS means central nervous system.

If the person drinks at all, they could easily die during sleep.

The real question is, why are there such high doses available and what does the doctor say? Please check with the doc.

subzero58 15 Apr 2012

the max dose is 8mg spread out to 2mgs 4 x a day any nore than that will get your doctor in trouble when he or she gets an audit by the DEA and the pharmacy dispencing this amount also gets an audit.but in your question you asked is it safe to take more then 6 at once? is that what you ment? cause wow,thats a lot of xanax to take at once. but i do know people who do take way too many of them at a time.because they supress the central nervous system or cns. but any high dose of benzo's can be very dangerous if taken with opiates or alcohol or an anti depressent .you can just stop breathing in your please understand i am not judging you just trying to answer your question.

aball33 14 Jan 2013

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