I have been on amitriptyline for a while for chronic pain.
I have gradually been increasing the dosages and am not on 50mg per day (2 x 25mg tablets).

I recently went to a new doctor to renew my prescription and he would only give me 56 tablets, enough for just 28 days. I am quite sure that my previous prescriptions have lasted for longer, around 2-3 month at both a lower daily dosage of 15 - 20mg and the current 50mg dosage. This doctor, however, seems to be saying that at the dosage of 50mg, he can only supply me with 56 tablets at a time.

I have to pay for my prescriptions and so paying for a new prescription every month is going to be difficult and ridiculous as it is a long tern medication.
Does anyone know if there is a maximum number of pills or dosage for amitriptyline prescription? If so what that is and why (Though I presume it would be for some health and safety reason).