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Does it matter when I take my Prozac. I find if I take it in the morning, I get pretty tired?

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WildcatVet 30 Jul 2016

Hi, diny! Prozac can be taken anytime of day or night, with or without food. Try taking it at night and maybe you'll get a great night's sleep as a bonus. :-)
Best wishes, Wildcat

Anxiety001 30 Jul 2016

Hi I am on Prozac also. I take it at 5pm with food (or I feel really tired on it) so by the time I'm ready for bed I'm good. I wake up fine and not tired all day.

chuck1957 31 Jul 2016

Hi Diny'; you don't say how long you have been taking the Prozac But just listen to the ladies But when you change it the most Important thing is to take it about the same time each day, And don't miss any dose's. It does work differently with us all like if you just started it many time for the first few weeks it give you side effects which being sleepy etc.. is one. But some people it can whined up.
But the effect your getting now do as they said. If later you start having a hard time sleeping then change it back to the morning. As I said we are all different and you may just be fine taking it at bedtime. Have a good rest anyway. free discount card

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