Hello to all my d. Com friends, I was recently diagnosed with a condition called mastoiditis, I don't no if anyone is familiar with, any how, I went to one ent, and he looked at a mri of my brain that I had for another neuro condition that is when the mastioditis was seen on the mri, anyway ent said I didn't have it even though the mri said I did he made me have a ct scan which still revealed I had it he still insist I didn't have it! Make a long story short went and got 2nd opinion and they said I do have it!!Ct scan was the last test that confirmed the mastoiditis which has to do with your ear and a bone connected to the skull, I read up if left untreated it could have caused severe problems, u would have to read up on it! Anyway, the new ent want's 2 put a tube in my ear, I have to go back so she can explain more cause she is waiting for the old dr to send the ct scan disk so she can look at that too, being that was the last test that I did to confirm the diagnosis!!Has anyone on this site been through this or have had a tube inserted in there ear??I am a little nervous about having a tube in my ear, meaning will I be able to tolerate it, but on the other hand if I don't this condition can cause deafness, brain abcess etc... If left untreated, any advice or if anyone has been through this I would app. If u pm me or even comment on what you went through and is the tube in my ear going to be to where I want to pull it out!!Lol
thanks guys
your friend angel1662