Hello I have had my IUD for 3 years and 8 months. I never had regular periods before and this continued after I got it for about the first year and a half. Months with no period then some spotting or a period were "normal" for me. Then around year two I got my period almost every month on the same day. A "regular" period (which I was not used to lol) Well a little after year 3 rolled around I stopped getting them for about 7 months strait. I usually have only gone 4 or 5 months without a period before. Then I stated spotting then all of a sudden I got a very heavy period for about a week, then light bleeding for another 2 weeks. Light enough where I didn't want to use a tampon because there was so little but heavy enough to stain my panties. I am 24 and had a baby about 2 months before my IUD insertion. The Dr. who put it in never said anything about "checking" the strings and my husband and I have never felt any before. It take about a month to get in to see my doctor so I was just wondering if any of this is normal or should I be concerned?

Also for the last few years when I sneeze, cough, or move too quick I will get a random sharp pain in my lower either left or right side down between my hip bone and pelvis. It lasts a few seconds and I have to freeze and breath slowly until it passes. Any thoughts? Could it be related to the IUD?