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Is Maprotaline still being made? My doctor said no it wasn't?

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HeadStarter 6 Jun 2013

As far as I know, it is but isn't widely prescribed because of its severe side effects. It is also called, Ludiomil, here in the U.S. It has produced a higher than usual incidence of suicidal ideation, anger and violent behavior. Plus there are just better drugs on the market. Most doctors won't prescribe this any more.

I would trust your doctors judgment and go with what he/she says about it. The medication is just bad.

Peace to you in your world.

Levinbob 26 Apr 2014

Ludiomil is not a flat out dangerous drug. Though usually there are superior agents, apparently a small population of patients respond favorably to it. Thus, it should not be entirely eliminated from the palette of choices. free discount card

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