I've taken Dilatin about 6-7yrs ago after 4-1/2hr seizure, coma for 4days.I take 9meds, 4 Vits & 8 interact & 4 mixed can raise blood levels.My blood work is not monitored & worse side effects. Prescribing Dr isn't listening with proof to of specifics & to look & listen to me. I say what's to say about MY side effects & not what I'd read. Won't be given a primary-general Dr at the only clinicc & specialists hour away & no way to get there. Been prescribed SO MANY kinds over last 13-14yrs. Lack of info re Dilatin mixed, decreases Calcium & Vit D, (my Vit D was at 9 two-3yrs ago) & no Dr,of many informed me that it made me allergic to sun about 10+ yrs. I have seizures, PTSD, anxiety, 2 vertebras burst into spine lining, restless legs, SEVERE PAIN 24-7, sleep probs, nightmares, LARGE lack of quality health care & dr-patient interactions. (She types her report during our 10min Yes-No visit. Gave me medical over the phone, wk later), to at once discontinue 2meds & had wrong patient! I've taken too many kinds of meds for too long & such a lack of my quality of life. I know my body &. When the side effects are worse than the symptoms! Help!