Since we've had several "mistakes" lately, it seems to me people need to hear the tips.
1. Use a weekly pill box so you know you took your pill or didn't
2. Read the label-know your medication name, what its for, and how you use it
3. Every time you take a pill, check back to the label. Are the pills yours? Are they the ones you should be taking at that time. This means you turn the light on, lol
5. If you are on multiple medications, know if they have any interactions (your pharmacist or the interactions checker on this site will help with that.
6. If its prescription creams, know where it is supposed to go and where it is not supposed to go.
7. When taking something for a headache say, be sure what you picked up was the excedrin or tylenol, and not some other med that may be wrong for you. Again, read labels.
8. Last but certainly not least-read the info on the med you got from the pharmacist when you got your prescription filled.