I️ started the Harvoni drug in November 2014, the week before Christmas, while in the shower, I️ felt a lump in my left breast, a few days later I️ saw my gynecologist who said he didn’t think it was cancer because my mammogram in April was fine. I️ went for a partial mammogram and a biopsy was taken. A few days later I️ found out it was cancer. I️ them had a MRI to compare both breasts. The results showed another tumor on my right breast. I️ couldn’t feel this one. A biopsy was done and it came back cancer. The tumors were different which was very unusual for me to have them at the same time per the doctors. On January 30th of 2015 I️ underwent bilateral breast surgery. I️ finished the Harvoni drug in February 2015. I️ took the drug for 12 weeks. Breast cancer isn’t in my family. All my mammograms were always normal. I️ was a small breasted woman which made it easy to find the lump in my left breast. I️ honestly believe that Harvoni caused my breast cancer.