Hi, I suffer from GAD and bipolar disorder with ruminating/intrusive thoughts. I was diagnosed with these in 2007. Long story short, I was prescribed xanax and lamictal, and they both worked for years.

Xanax had been keeping me anxiety free until last month. I believe this may be due to two reasons. 1) i may have grown a t attacks. I waolerance, as I was taking 1mg 3x day. 2) i have drank pretty heavily over the past few years.

I asked my doc to switch to Klonopin which he did. I am now on 2mg (1 at night and 1 in the morning) also a 3rd if needed during the day.

My question is, how long does it take for me to experience the full benefits of klonopin. This thursday, June 13 2013, will be 3 weeks for me.

There are days when I feel good, like the anxiety is not there. Then there are days when I feel that underlying anxiety, with all the intrusive/ruminating thoughts.

This is the following few days after drinking heavily.

Which I have now stopped. Because, the anxiety is unbearable after drinking like that.

Any help would be appreciated. I just need to know if the klonopin is going to kick in and one day I'll realize its working. Or if I am past that point and it wont work.

A little about me. I exercise quite a bit (crossfit) so I am in great shape and have a high metabolism even at 32. I dont smoke, and am cutting down and hopefully out the drinking.

The other meds I am on are Seroquel 100mg at night and 200 mg lamictal.