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How many medications does grapefruit interact with, such as prozac, zyrtec, tyhroid medicine?

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Marvell 26 Apr 2014

Grapefruit interacts with quite a few medicines. Out of your list it doesn't interact with Prozac or Zyrtec.

Which thyroid medicine are you taking? I can check if there is an interaction between that and grapefruit. Please mention the thyroid medicine as a comment below.

sugarloaf58 26 Apr 2014

I am taking armor thyroid

Marvell 27 Apr 2014

There doesn't appear to be a known interaction between Armour thyroid and grapefruit.,2189-1435

Emeraldgirl 27 Apr 2014

If you are taking warfin it will affect the warfarin levels too.
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