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How many hours should pass after drinking dostinex in order to consume alcohol?

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kaismama 30 Apr 2015

The half life of this drug is 53 hours. You should not drink at all with it, because its always in your body. Drinking with it can make you dizzy, confused, all the way to unconscious When you are on medications like this, drinking should not be a consideration. I usually keep my mouth shut on questions like this because everyone here for very long knows I hate these questions, because when you're on medication, you shouldn't be worried about alcohol, but this would just be a foolish thing to do.

Delila 1 May 2015

Hi, following on from Kaismama's answer, you are looking at days rather than hours off the medication before you can consume alcohol. If you click on the link below you can read the potential side effects of combining the 2... it isn't a good idea to miss doses of Dostinex, even one missed dose can be a big deal...,dostinex.html free discount card

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