I am 63 and have had the problem of constipation and pain since my pre-teens. In the 60's there was no mention of IBS, but it was referred to as "lazy colon". Like maybe I was too nervous and I brought the problem on myself. Many, many years later a GI bluntly, rudely wanted to know if I was molested as a child. No one caused this, and nothing I did conscientiously caused it. And I was accused of hopping around looking for pain meds. I go to a pain clinic to control any meds they may give me. Part of the agreement I signed stated I was not to go to other doctors for narcotics. I honored that agreement. He deserved a in kick in the shin.

I had a fantastic GYN/OB in the late 70's until he retired. One valuable lesson he taught me was that IBS not only responds to emotional stress but also to physical,stress from pain or illness. He let me know I was in control of what was being done for me. One day after surgery the nurses (very hard-headed bunch) wanted me to move around, walk down the hall. The gas pressure under my ribs made me throw up. They put a stupid tube in my rectum to help maybe move the gas. But I knew my colon: it locked down like tournaquets in areas when stressed. They said pain meds would make it worse, I saiid if the pain was relieved the colon would relax. No, they said, it would make matters worse.. That evening my wonderful doctor came in, took one look at me, ordered the pain med in my IV and a water heater pad. When the pain eased my colon relaxed and I could walk and easily pass gas. Thank God for wise doctors. The story of the next 30 years is long and if anyone wants to hear more I will share if it can encourage anyone.