I have been on Warfarin for three month now due to a pulmonary embolism in the weeks after giving birth.

I have been having headaches for three weeks and feeling extremely tired, when they first started I also had my first period since having baby and.going on warfari, this lasted 5 days and seemed normal, however two days later I started to bleed very heavily and was told by doctors that I was anemic, However my INR results where 1.2 and my target was 2.5, doctor put me on iron for my anemia, as well as increasing my warfarin and putting me on Injections to bring my INR up, they stopped injections on Friday last week as my INR was 2.1, and closer to range, However still having headaches, tiredness, etc. Went to see different doc today as my headaches not stopped and I have started to bleed again, I feel very run down, exhausted and had a fall last week when I stood up too fast and had a dizzy spell, I have also had a few shivering attacks, and am having trouble swallowing, the doctor then told me that I was not anemic like the other doctor had said, and the dose of warfarin I am on wasn't that high, and I was more likely to be depressed after having baby, which is wrong as I'm more than happy to be a mum, loving every minute, she also said that the bleeding was normal as I was now on warfarin and it would take a while to get my periods right. They checked my INR again.and it had shot up to 2.8 however they wang me to stay on they same high dose of warfarin till next INR check in a week which I'm worried about as I am.concerned I may be having a bleed inside and that if my INR gets any higher I could end up hemorraging, It feels.like something isn't right but I'm been fobbed off and given numerous different opinions fron doctors, I am having symptoms such as headache, disorientation, bleeding, trouble swallowing leg cramps in left leg, aching jaw (left side) and nobody seems to be listening.