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How many capsules should a 13 year old girl take of Diphenhydramine if using it as a sleeping aid?

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Inactive 10 Mar 2012

Hello McKKknow. In the treatment for colds and allergy for children 12 and older its (Diphenhydramine) is given 25mg to 50mg about every 4 to 6 hours. For insomnia all I might offer you is the dose for adults which 50mg. So given the age I might ( a guess on my behalf) give 25mg for sleeping purposes. I am NOT a doctor, so you might ask her doctor or pharmacist to confirm, or get thier opinion. Regards,pledge

paddyanne47 14 Mar 2012

i take this medication regularly for allergies. it does make me very drowsy and i can go to sleep easily, however this medication is not meant for sleep disorders. you should really see a doctor for a diagnosis and receive the proper medication. there may be an underlying physical condition for a sleep disorder. paddyanne47

traumanurse 1 Jul 2013

Do not give a 13 yo Benadryl. Have her see a Dr for underlying causes first. Good luck and better to be safe than sorry. There are reasons why they do not have a pediatric dose on the bottle for sleep

Inactive 1 Jul 2013

Dear traumanurse, I am not a doctor, but what you said makes so much sense. A 13 yr old should NOT be taking anything for a sleep disorder UNTIL diagnosed by a doctor, including a sleep study, a full medical work up, etc. In the meantime, if sleep is a problem, one of the best, and sometimes the hardest is to go old fashioned with it. Go to bed and get up at same time every day, even weekends. I got so tired of hearing this, but guess what, after 2 weeks I was doing better. I hope they listen to you. Good job!!

traumanurse 2 Jul 2013

I am a nurse and I do not comment on things I do not know. Pediatric patients often have strange side effects to medication. In Benadryl it can actually do the opposite causing hyper insomnia, restlessness, and increased heart rate. I know people try to help on these boards, but I have seen terrible advice given sometimes even dangerous. Not this particular post but many I have answered. I have seen people advise to stop taking a medication. Unless you have a license to dispense medication and have examined the patient then and only then should you give that type of advice. I have 30+ years of medical experience and still I call the MD or pharmacy to get advice. Oh well sorry I went on a rant.

Inactive 2 Jul 2013

Dear traumanurse, hope you don't think I was trying to diagnose. My advice was drug free and has actually helped me in the past. It WAS hard for me to do, going to bed and getting up at same times, regardless of how much sleep I actually got reset my internal clock at that time. For a young person that shouldn't be taking drugs without a diagnosis and something prescribed from a doctor, going old school, with things and/or patterns that are drug free is not a bad thing. I appreciate the work you do and realize how hard you work. Being a patient for over 28 yrs I have seen and been part of many things you guys go thru. I truly think it is one of the most important careers out there. Good for you, and please know you are respected for your choice of things to be...

traumanurse 3 Jul 2013

Thanks for your support. It is a very tough profession to be in. free discount card

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