Okay, so about two months ago, I found out I weighed 155 lbs. I'm 6' (potentially still 5'11", not sure), 18 years old, and well aware that this isn't a horrible weight. Nonetheless, it made me feel horrible and disgusting, as it was 20 pounds more than what I weighed before I moved to the Southeast.

Anyway, I decided to get an app and monitor everything I eat every day, careful to stay at or close to 1325 calories, never below 1200, and never ever above 1500 (disregarding the app's recommended 1700 calories based on my build and exercise level).

I was also careful to make sure I never went above any recommended nutrient intake goals (sugar, fat, sodium, carbs, etc) and tried to keep my diet as balanced as possible, with 50% carb calories, 30% fat calories, and 20% protein calories (which was the app's recommendation).

I've followed this new dieting style very strictly for two months, leading us up to now. I've lost 25 pounds and couldn't be happier at my current weight, 130 lbs. Now, the question is how I should adjust my diet so I don't continue to lose weight, as anything less than 125 would be too unhealthy for me to be comfortable with. However, I don't want to start gaining weight and become higher than 130, so how much should I aim to eat daily? I've raised my personal goal to around 1450, but I feel like this may be a bit too much and could bring me up a few pounds.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, and thank you in advance.