This isn't nearly enough to allow me to ŕest and relieve the páin so that I may keep up with my daily chores . Was on a 50mcg Duragesic patch every 48 hours and 15 MG roxy for breakthrough pain . My insurance changed so my doctor did as well . I found another doc
That rx'd the patch and 5th roxy . I thought dude was legit however he was new to the practice , Hispanic , his colleagues were60+ and we live in south Carolina . Moved from California so this place bites . I found a couple patchest I had hidden in a boot from past doc, the Hispanic who fired me from the practice saying the roxy codon was not in my system . The roxy were scripted prn, so with the Duragesic I didn't feel the need for the extra. Regardless I was kicked out the door. My point is that after finding 2 patches from previous doc and having cut a small piece off and chewing it up 3 days prior to doctors appointment it showed up drug screen . How the is that possible ? I was honest with me new doc so he gave me a second chance . So is there anything I can do to be sure ìtwill not show again in 30 days from now ? Please advise anyone !!! Thanks in advance