I have c-diff and have been unable to clear it from my body for nearly 3 years even after numerous attempts and numerous drugs including 2 fecal transplants. I take endocet and oxecodone to help keep me sort of blocked up. That does work to an extent. Nothing works if I have a full blown attack. Along with that I take gabapentin 600mg 1x a day for fibromyalgia. That helps quite a lot. I have costrochrondritus and need extra pain meds for that if I have a full blow attack. What works better for costo is Prendizone but cant take it with the other pain meds or the c-diff. I also have Hep C from a blood transfusion many years ago.Now I have a problem with my sacroilic joint that is excruiating but the chiropractor is slowly having sucess with that. On top of all that my heart stopped and went into v-fib with tousarde de points and I now have a boxy llittle pacemaker that works 100% of the time to keep me going. I feel lucky to have each day. I would like to not be on all this pain med though but I feel its the only way I can go on hour to hour and survive. What do you think... is it keeping me going or can I risk a taper down program. I feel like an addict. I count hours til the next pill and panic if I loose them or if someone takes some. That has happend... I lock my room and have a safe. Dont like living like this.