So I have been ADD ADHD since the 80s, but I hate medication so I have only been on it three times in my life, usually when either a boss urges me to or when I start a new company, lots of changes at once seem to heighten the symptoms and it's overwhelming to me.

I was really happy when my dr. prescribed me the amphetamine salts 10 MGs E111 pill (by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Inc. - I looked up all the information to be as specific as possible) and it instantly worked, I could sit for long periods of time in my chair, focused, my hyper-ness was slowed so I wasn't so sporadic/scattered, I was out of my depression in a week, back to working out, etc. I was relieved as I was reluctant to go on anything, I had been put on strattera in the past and hated it. I only take 5 days a week, then 2 days off, which my Dr said was ok. This was my idea to ensure any issues with substance reliance. I am in perfect health just got a check up, 42, eat healthy, etc. Then after 6 months of being on schedule and feeling like myself again, I started feeling side effects, after a couple weeks of going 'what's wrong with me' I looked at the pill and noticed it looked different. When I asked my Dr he said there are several different generics but it's the same ingredients. It's been two months with two different pills and it really doesn't seem to be working at all. So I pulled out the prescription forms (As the bottles look identical as well as the name), and I see that for the last three months they haven't been giving me what worked. It IS a different pill, they have given me U27 and B972 from TEVA which has not worked at all. I look it up and it shows it's been recalled in 2016? So I do more digging online and I'm appalled, and call the pharmacist - when I ask why a generic is changed without informing a patient or the DR. they said that all generics are the same, but obviously scientifically this cannot be the case, just from a logical standpoint and from the testing you can find online. They said they use whatever their supplier/manufacturer sends them (meaning cheaper I am guessing). They also said C2 Drugs are not highly regulated in NY - meaning manufacturers and pharmacists are not required to allow people to stay on the exact same pill, causing greater side effects. There is the FDA's Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence, but I can't seem to find the two pills to compare. If we are not able to stay on the exact same drug while in treatment or not even be informed of this it's really alarming.

If I didn't look at the pill names listed on the inside small print of the pamphlet they give me I wouldn't have known, I would have gone back and said the medication wasn't working and he might be giving me a higher dose, which is not needed. The thing is, I just need consistency and to be on the same drug so I can actually evaluate the use accurately. Obviously it's not the same drug, I had such an adverse reaction to it but all other variables were the same.

Can anyone else give me any insight into their experiences with the pharmacists changing up their generic pill and the side effects you've had? (The U27 didn't work at all and the B972 made me disoriented, insanely tired, depressed, forgetful, dizzy, nauseous, and spacey). Does anyone have information on why this is legal? C2 drugs are insanely dangerous, so why are they so flippant allowing manufacturers to change it up on us?