I'm diagnosed with ADHD, manic bi polar, GAD, anxeity disorder, manic depressive. I'm currently on several meds..lamictal 200mg, Latuda 20mg (this is a new med for me, what's if for exactly, the maina) Adderall 10mg three times a day, Ativan 2mg as needed and Doxepin 10mg at bedtime (recently on Seroquel 200mg at bed) Although I do tend to have wicked mood swings, sometimes everyday, anxious most of time, panic if need to drive, couldn't go shopping or to the grocery, be on congested areas, why I've done all my Christmas shopping online for several years now. I'm really feeling out of it, ordering presents online and having difficulty with cards, worrying about fancy cupcakes I have a couple of weeks before they even have to made, hoping my daughter will love her very expensive birthday bracelet when I already know she'll love it. She picked out. I feel like my mind wont shut off to relax, cant focus or consentrate, trouble with simple multi tasking, distracted but also saddness because of the holidays. Yet I'm irritable, quick to anger, hell for nothing but depressed and anxious because family ties have be broken. I just feel a mess in te head especially taking all these meds. See to me, all these pharmaceutical I'm on I should be able to calm down enough to really function, enjoy life more, be around and hang about people, not sweat small stuff. But I haven't slept in TWO days, not even a nap, feel like a zombie. Never sure if mania causes insomnia or vice versa then it causes me to anxious. The Doxepin doesn't seem to be helping possibly making more jittery, anxious despite taking Ativan. I feel like maybe my mood stalizer and Adderall should be increased to help with mania and classic ADHA symptoms worsening. Anxeity comes and goes but I deal with Ativan very well. Although this Doxepin for the birds, give me back my Seroquel, never gained weight or heightened cholesterol, etc. Just drowsy a bit then knocked me out for a good 6, 8hrs. I just cant live without sleep, feel like I'm losing it, out of reality, going nuts. What do you think? And any Vogtsuggested med adjustment? I spoke with my therapist on Friday and left several messages. Waiting for call back today... any suggestions?? Pretty deperate