I have depression and anxiety. I have an office job. Was prescribed to lithium and klonopin along with my normal lexapro for about a month. Took it as directed . They weren't right for me, I wasn't myself. Had an appointment with my dr to figure out what to do later that week. Manager comes up to me and gives me 2 options. He says, you can go on unpaid medical leave with the possibility of being replaced or Stop taking all the medications prescribed and Come into work 3 days later back to my normal self.

I can't afford to go on unpaid medical leave and made that very clear .So I stopped taking everything . And I went threw the worst withdrawals . I was suicidal , crying and angry 24/7, my mom wanted me to go to the hospital but I refused.

I come back to work and I'm still not feeling right. I have a doctors note excusing me for my work performance being affected and it was cause by a bad medication reaction.

I asked my manager where am I at with my job is it on the line and he said we will see how this week goes. Then talks about everything Ive been doing wrong and what Wasn't done.

Can I and should I complain to corporate about being told by a manager to stop taking prescribed medications or else I'd be put on unpaid medical leave and get replaced?

Can they fire me for this?
(i have a feeling hes going to one way or another) he had another manager do an important and big task that I always do because it's part of my job and had no reason to why she was doing it when I asked

I take my job seriously And did not want to lose it so I chose the only choice I felt I had. And I almost ended up in the hospital and could have died. My Doctor wants me to Go to corporate and complain, she was in shock a manager was telling me what to do with medication I'm prescribed to.

What are my legal rights?

How will this affect my reference for when I get another job ?

Should I put my 2 weeks in or let them fire me if they are going to ?