Now he has had many problems with them but not to the extent like it is now he refuses to go to the hospital or dentist cause the last time he was at a specialist for his teeth he heard the doctor saying to another doctor that they didn't know what to do about his absessed teeth cause it was to dangerous to touch them so now he doesn't know what to do about it especially now when it has his whole right side of his face is swelling up and he has been complaining about the pain pretty badly and the ER won't do much for him neither and I've got him on some amoxicillin now and I have two tablets of SMZ/TMP SEPTRA 800-160 and he took one so far and we've been doing the whole gargling of salt water and he even has been switching ice and hot packs to on it as well as using some tyenol and he took a hpt bath to with some epsom salt and stuff to try and relax and it's been over 24hrs. Now and it still hasn't made the swelling go down at all and the septra made the pain for him go away for a bit but now he says it's throbbing again but swelling still the same hasn't changed at all the only thing that I just noticed more so now is that the white parts of his eyes now the veins are red but small but there coming up to be able to be visible now to on the side that is all swollen even his lip is swollen his side of his nose and underneath and side of his eye to and he says his sinus of his nose felt like it was burning and his throat and neck area hurts as well as his head a bit too. What do I do? I'm hoping the amoxicillin will help reduce the swelling or maybe dissipate the swelling a bit for awhile or something. Please can someone help I've heard horror stories so far about people dieing from abscessed teeth from the infection getting to there brain and cause problems to where they die or it getting to there heart and killing them that way and I just don't want to lose my boyfriend he's only 26yra. Of age and the car wreck that caused this was him in the back of a police car and they didn't seatbelt him in and the cop car and the other car of another civilian had a head on collision while my man was in the back of the police car during it and the civilian died in the wreck but my boyfriend has tried everything we could do to get him help with the problems he has to live with now cause of that wreck and I don't want to lose him cause of that wreck neither and like we said we don't have funds or medical neither to get him the help he might need neither as well. We don't know what route to turn to now and we even tried getting an attorney to get him some help for that collision to but they say they won't sue there own county and we just don't have the funds to be able to afford another attorney neither or to go way out of the way to find one as well. We feel like we don't have no where else to turn to get him help. I don't know what else to do neither but I also like I said I don't want to lose him neither please can anyone help he still has a life ahead of him to love for like to be able to still have kids in the future and get married even which were hoping to do to for our first time as well. Please can someone please help him please???