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When a man eats anything he want to when he is on metformin 500 mg what will happen, will it work?

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kaismama 6 Nov 2012

It will keep the blood sugar lower then it would be without it, however it will not get it down to normal. Maybe some reality would help you get him to eat right. Every time the blood sugar is over 200 for 5 min, cells in the body start to die. Having a constant high blood sugar can cause and probably will cause heart and kidney damage to the point of failure, it effects the circulation particularly in the legs and can lead to gangrene and amputation. Wounds don't heal as well and can easily become infected because sugar is a great culture medium for bacteria. I would suggest an endocrinologist for his diabetes and one that will lay it on the line to him would help. Weight loss alone often lowers the blood the sugar.

DzooBaby 6 Nov 2012

The medicine will help up to a point but the more food that is eaten especially simple carbohydrates (things made with refined sugar and/or white flour) the higher the blood sugar gets. A foolish person will continue to think that they can eat what they want and take a pill to make it all better! To control diabetes, diet control is essential. Meds alone cannot do everything. Unchecked diabetes affects every organ in the body but especially the kidneys, the heart, the nerves, the blood vessels and the eyes. Diabetes is a top contributor to blindness due to retinopathy. Neuropathic pain is one of the most difficult pains to control. Uncontrolled diabetes is NOT a pretty picture. In time, it will ravish the body. Diet and exercise are the best ways to approach diabetes along with medications. In many cases, a careful diet and increased exercise is all you need to control this disease.

kaismama 6 Nov 2012

Do you think all this reality is helping?

DzooBaby 7 Nov 2012

For the patient? Probably not. but it is probably freaking out the person concerned about him! If being put on Metformin for diabetes doesnt spur someone on to eat better, nothing likely ever will until it is too late and the damage is done and even then some people just refuse to change their horrible lifestyle!

kaismama 7 Nov 2012

And so many will say, if i'd only known, well we're telling them, lol free discount card

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