I am entering into some "get into it to get through it" Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I want an additional med to assist with the PTSD stuff. It's really
quite severe. I had a, whatever they call a "nervous breakdown" last year and we figured out what was wrong with me then. Am only now at "therapeutic levels" with the Lamotrigrine. Would Abilify help? Please note that traditional anti-depressants cause hypomania and are not appropriate for me. Also, major drugs like Lithium, Risperidol, Depekote, Haldol, Effexor, are inappropriate for me. I do take a small amount of Topomax with Norvasc for chronic migraine. I have two types of "Pams" - one for night if I can't sleep (mania) and one for daytime, anxiety or panic events. I almost never use them and hope to never used them, if I can get the right additional medication for the PTSD. I am not delusional, not "SMI." I just have overwhelming, intrusive rumination... a noisy head, if you will, negatively effecting concentration etc. I'm unhappy. Suggestions? Options?