I'm being treated for malaria. Urgent care put me on 500mg of Cipro twice a day for ten days. I visited urgent care about a week after experiencing flu symptoms (fever, chills, headache, body and neck aches and sore pressure behind my eyes ONLY) I'm on my fifth day of medication and today is my 13th day of symptoms. I'm seeing a small improvement with decreased head and neck pain but I'm am still getting a fever. My fever has been coming around 8-10pm for the past week or so with relief and normal temp during the day except for today. Today i had a mild fever during the day and I believe it's spiking as I type. It's 9:43pm.

My question is how long after taking meds/Cipro do you see improvement? Could the Cipro not be working ?

I contracted malaria in Punta Cana, DR. between June 29-July 4 (returned to US July 4th) and started noticing symptoms on July 13, (9 days after returning to US) however I did not see/feel evidence of a mosquito bite. Is this common. ?

I feel that I have uncomplicated malaria from what Ive read. I'm waiting on parasite culture.

Thank you for your help.

Also I would like to know the best type of Doctor to visit for this. I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada.