Hi everyone.

I had not been sexually active in almost 14 months up until July 9. Since I was not having sex, I stopped taking my birth control about 10 months ago.

Well obviously things happen. July 9 I had **protected** sex twice. We used a condom. To my knowledge it didn't break either time.

Although we used a condom and I know that should be good enough, I also took Plan B within 36 hours. I have a life changing situation in my life where being pregnant would ruin everything. And an abortion would not be something I could consider.

I know the chances are very low of me being pregnant, but I feel like the more I read, the more paranoid I become.

I haven't really experienced any weird symptoms. Although I started having normal discharge about 3 days after we had sex, but that is also the same time I was due to begin ovulating. Just once , today, (a week after sex) after urinating I noticed the discharge had a slight light pink color. I know that can be normal after taking Plan B, but it's also a sign of implantation bleeding and I'm within the time range for implantation bleeding to occur.

I'm looking for women who really know what they're talking about. Should I be worried? I tried to be as responsible as possible.

Thanks in advance.