Hi. I am a Type 2 diabetic. I take Tridjenta 4mg once daily and Novolog 70/30, 50 units before breakfast and 50 units before dinner. I also take 0.6 units of Victoza once daily before breakfast. My fasting sugar this morning was 159. I took the Tridjenta but did not take the insulin or Victoza because I was not yet ready to eat. An hour later I was ready for breakfast and checked my sugar before injecting my Novolog 70/30 and Victoza. I had not eaten or had anything to drink in the hour since I had taken the Tridjenta with a 159 sugar reading. My sugar was now 210. Can anyone tell me what could have caused such a rise in just an hour? I have also noticed that sometimes when I have intended to have my meal within 15 minutes, taken my Novolog 70/30, Victoza and Tridjenta or just the 50 units of Novolog if it is dinner time, and something happens that it takes more time such as 20 minutes to an hour before I actually eat, that my sugar reading actually rises when I have not ingested any food or drink. I would also like to add that even though I am taking all this medication, I have never experienced low blood sugar. In fact, I still have yet for my sugar to go below 120, which is the goal my doctor and I are trying to reach. I mainly stay between 150-200. Raising my insulin dose slowly to 50 over the months, adding Victoza, then Tridjenta with still not getting my sugar to where it ought to be is both frustrating and depressing. Pre-cancerous cells were found in my uterus and I must have a hysterectomy. At the same time, I found out I was diabetic. My sugar was averaging 265-310 at that time, before medication. My dilemma is that I cannot safely have the hysterectomy until my sugar is controlled at 120 or under. It has been almost 6 months and I must get this surgery before the cells become cancer and potentially spread. Sorry this is so long. Any advice or knowledge is appreciated.