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What makes the male scrotum swell very large ?

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Emeraldgirl 13 Oct 2013

Hello Jstmeeeee
Within the scrotum you have the testicles (which I am sure that you know). Scrotal swelling can occur due to an injury or an underlying medical condition. It may be caused by an accumulation of fluid, inflammation,an abnormal growth or the testicle become twisted in the scrotum. This is not only very painful it is an emergency situation. You need to see your doctor for an examination. If you are in pain because of scrotal swelling then you need to go to the ER asap.
Take care

kaismama 13 Oct 2013

If you don't have severe pain, the one I'd think of is hydrocele. These are usually associated with hernia, its fluid in your scrotum. If you have severe pain, then its torsion of the testicle and you need to see a dr immediately. free discount card

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