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Can I make Xyrem taste better?

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suzanne66 15 Oct 2012

Unfortunately not. You must only take it diluted with water as directed.

For your first dose you could try sucking on an ice cube which will dull the taste buds for a moment... but I don't think this suggestion will be much help for the second dose. All the best.

kwik2sleep 28 Nov 2012

I spoke w/ a nurse at Jazz Pharmaceuticals about this. She told me it can be mixed with UNSWEETENED Kool-Aid or Crystal Lite (citrus flavors work best) or any of the many herbal teas. I did that for a few months, but got away from it when I used a straw as she suggested. The trick is to place the straw far back into the mouth - beyond the taste buds - and take a few gulps. I eliminate the aftertaste by swishing and spitting out water a few times. A final rinse with Biotene destroys all traces. I never thought I would ever cultivate a tolerance for the Xyrem with just water, but over time I did.

London79 20 Jul 2014

Honestly they say only water but peach juice helps the taste. Plus I use diet coke free discount card

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