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Do they make a white round oxycodone 15mg tab?

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DzooBaby 22 May 2012

I am not sure about the 15mg but I do know that they make a small white 30mg oxycodone tablet. It is made by Ethex. If I remember right it says ETX on one side and 446 on the other. there is a 10mg small white tab made by mallinkrodt that has an "M" inside a square on one side and 593 on the other. I havent found any white 15's but that doesnt mean they are not out there. If there are markings on the pill-numbers or letters you can check them in the pill identifier section to see what it is.

DzooBaby 22 May 2012

Some of the 15's are a very light green and so light that they almost look white but if you put them against a white background like a piece of paper you can tell that they are light green.

marsetta 4 Aug 2014

Yes I have one in my hand as we speak 5mg large while round

balbanese 22 May 2012

They're almost always green, however, a batch I got from Costco were such a pale green they look white when the light is right (gee, that rhymes)! Anyway, beware of crap that comes illegally from who knows where, they can be any color including plaid. Hope this helps.

hunnybadger 29 May 2012

Yes they do. they make green one with 1148 on them and the white ones have a tiny hint of green but on the one side there is a 15 stamped on it

getblazed90 28 Feb 2015

They make n oval white 15. R p on one side 15 on other the r p side is scored. free discount card

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