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What do I do to make my hips bigger?

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Inactive 2 Apr 2012

Hi ruthywhite,
Depending on your age, there is probably not a whole lot you can do about the size of your hips save gaining weight. I have small hips and I like them that way. You probably look great, yet we always want what we don't have, right? If I have brown eyes I wish they were blue. If I am short, I wish I were tall. I would have loved a breast augmentation and I brought it up here, and decided that I would just love my small stature as is.
Try to love yourself as you are, God only made one of you!!
Best wishes,
sweet lemon

ruthywhite 2 Apr 2012

thanks swwt lemon,will love myslf the way i am.tanks so much.its jst that i feel intimidated.dats all...

Inactive 2 Apr 2012

Good for you ruthy!! Love yourself the way you are, and many women would just love to have small hips, I am hoping you will not be intimidated and embrace yourself. Never let others intimidate you, if they try it just means they have something about themselves they don't like IMO.

CrystalCollins 16 Feb 2014

For make hip bigger you have to do some work for that doing lot of squats exercise and when you doing exercise wear booty wow it's so important trust me you will see good result in a 2 week. i also using from 4 week really i got great result too now my butt looking so bigger and tight. free discount card

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