About a month later I started having muscle pain in both shoulders (not joint pain) and muscle pain in both hips to the point it was hard to lift up my legs to put socks on. Went to dr.. blood work for sedimentary rate was normal. It literally was an effort to get outta bed. Couldn't raise my arms above shoulders. I'm an active 59 year old male. Dr gave me a shot of cortisone which got rid of my symptoms 100% for about a day and a half. My general dr referred me to ortho. X-rays of hips and shoulders are normal which I expected. I ended up getting a referral to see a rheumatoid dr, just went and gv about 10 vials of blood for more blood work. Am taking a pregnesone z pack which right now makes me feel normal. I can tell my muscles in legs and shoulders hv slightly atrophied. As a side note my dad died of ALS. Would pregnesone override effects of ALS? I see Rheumatoid dr in about 3 weeks. Does anyone of any insight on what may be occurring. I have stopped taking Lipitor for about a month now. I'm hoping after I stop taking the pregnesone the symptoms do not return ... crossing my fingers