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Major Depressive Disorder - Can prozac and lamictal be taken together well?

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balbanese 3 Apr 2015

Only if they're prescribed together by the same Dr.

LaurieShay 3 Apr 2015

Yes, for some people this is an excellent combination. We are all different, but these two meds are often used in combination.

asaxon 11 Apr 2015

Short answer: YES! (lamictal + Lexapro, but same idea). Lamictal basically saved my life.

Long answer: I had untreated cycling major depression and anxiety since childhood (am now late forties). Got much worse in recent years which got me to finally get treatment--it wasn't that I was stubborn, it was just that when its allyou kno, you asume that there is no other way to be... ) Anyway, SSRI plus bupropion plus klonopin helped maybe 50%--barely worth the side effects. Tried a high dose bupropion, and got my first taste of mania--what a trip! Almost left my partner of 25 years (to whom I was always faithful) and my kids to take up with a kind and gentle 30 year old. Then my good Dr. put me on Lamictal, titrated over 3 month to 300 mg/day.

Bkik918 30 Oct 2016

I am on a cocktail of 100mg lamotrigine, 400 mg of wellbutrin (preauth required), plus prozac, started at 20 mg (transitioned from 40 mg Celexa) and just increased to 40 mg prozac. Celexa worked very well for me other than horrific weight gain, which triggered the switch to Prozac. 20mg prozac still had me in tears half the time so really hoping the new dose will help. I don't want to go back to Celexa, but if this doesn't work, I'll have to. free discount card

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