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Major Depressive Disorder - Ihave to take fluoxetine and paroxetine . does anyone else?

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chuck1957 21 Dec 2014

Hi hope your having a good day Anonymous question is this new or have you been on this combination for awhile... This is not my combo but almost most of us with these problems it does take more than one to get us under better control... I have always called it my cocktail its finding those 2 or 3 things that finally bring us back to feeling more like our oldselves the hardest part i find and so do so many as you know it can take a minamum of 4 to 8 weeks to get to the point where they are working close to there best of course we do get to feeling a little better but to reach the peak most of these your looking at a full 8 weeks and also increases..Hope this helps some but this is very normal for our different conditions..have a good day hope this gives you a idea of what is taking place Chuck1957 you hang in there free discount card

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