Ive suffered with major depression for the past few years now and depression and anxiety for most of my life(even as a young child). I was on zoloft for 5 years with some relief but never enough. 4 months ago I was switched to effexor because it is said to be one of the best.and at first it was doing pretty good now my lows are coming back throughout the day and sometimes all day. My depression has consisted of feeing ok for a few minutes and then feeling sevier sadness the next, and this goes on all day. With every antidepressant ive been on the sadness has lessened but never went away. Now im starting to get more sad and low moments than before. I dont know what to do should I have the medication upped or add something or switch all together? Any suggestions please help I dont know how much more I can take. I dont have anyone to really talk to and life is getting to where I cant handle it anymore, this pain is getting unbearable.