I have been taking Effexor XR for approx 10 yrs. Solidly for 7 yrs now. The Dr's have put me on the max dose for over a year. The problem is I still suffer from PTSD and Major Depression symptons. I go to a Psych office that is really for prescription providing only. I have been there numerous times & each Dr. sees that @ one point I was diagnosed as Bi-polar and convinced that medication aimed for this disorder is what I need. Each time I am told to take my regular dose of Effexor & then they add an antipsychotic. I have been on Abilify, Serequel, Zoloft, and now Geodon. Each time I have had a very negative either physical but mostly emotional reactions. This time I am extremely irritable, short tempered, weepy and overly sensitive. Not to mention when I first started taking it (this Mon 3/17 will be 2 wks) I couldn't eat enough food or drink enough water. And sleep? One day I slept 16 hours next day I didn't sleep for 36 hours. I am only on 40mg once a day. I can't get them to understand that to me (albeit Im not a doctor, but IT IS my body) the Effexor isn't working. PERIOD So why are they trying to build a house on a non-existant foundation. I would really like to try Paxil. My major depression complaint right now is fatigue, loss of interests, no motivation or ambition. What is odd to me is if I forget to take the Effexor for a few days which lowers the level in my blood & then take it again like Im supposed to, there is an immediate reaction of feeling ALIVE, AWAKE and ready to conquer the world!!! But taking the Effexor regulary for a few days Im back to the depression. Please if there's anyone out there with ANY advice. Advice on the medication, or speaking with the Dr. and being heard. Anything. I feel so alone. Thank you in advance for caring. (SORRY SO LONG)