I was involved in an accident in September that resulted in neck surgery (cervical disc replacement) and a re injury of an old pelvic fracture. I was on Percocet 10/325 4 a day. I had been also taking Zoloft at 12.5mg (baby dose) everyday for many years for PMDD PMS. I had stopped taking it for a couple of months just out of forgetfulness basically because I kept forgetting. I wanted to restart it as I wanted off the Percocet as it never helped with my pain and in fact increased my anxiety. I would tell my doc this and he would just say that I wasnt taking a high enough dosage. RIGHT!! I tapered myself off . During this time he had RXd Zoloft. I never checked the dosage on the bottle b/c I just figured it was the same 25s that I had and cut in half. This time I didnt cut them. I began feeling extreme panic fear. I thought it was percocet withdrawals and my doc sent me to a rehabfacility. They discharged me after day 2 saying my symptoms were not consistent with opiate withdrawals and I didnt belong there because I wasnt an addict. OK. So I leave feeling really dopey b/c they had given me seroquel and tegretol. My symptoms were better but I still felt despair and anxiety. My doc sent me home w/ativan.I restarted my Zoloft and also was given trazodone. My symptoms got MUCH worse. I did not sleep for 4 days and became unable to walk or do anything. My heart was racing. I was hallucinating hot sweating EXTREME panic and suicidal. I couldnt eat either. I happened to look at my Zoloft and saw that it was 125? Mg! I called a friend who is a pharmacist and explained everything. He said since I hadnt had any percocet in two weeks it had to be seratonin syndrome. This was back in December
I have since been placed on a Valium taper and Viibryd 10 mg. I still suffer severe panic attacks and major depressive disorder episodes. I NEVER had issues with panic before this. I was feeling ok and now for the past 2 days have been in bed not feeling well crying sick to my stomach and having muscle twitching. I take multivitamins magnesium Vit D B and extra thiamine. I have been completely disabled since all this and am looking for advice. My pain is still pretty debilitating in my neck even after my "miracle surgery" with radiating nerve pain. I am unable to walk any distance either. This doesnt helpw/depression as I was an equestrian,jogger, ERnurse w/two kids a husband and small farm. I just want my life back. My doc has had me try percocet at 5mg dose and after two weeks I stopped b/c it made me sicker. Plus afterwards I swear I had withdrawals even though my doc said it was not possible. I am desperate now. No job, no insurance. Debilitating anxiety/depression and postop pain. I can deal with the pain but not the emotional stuff... is my brain chemistry perm. Fried?