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What is the main difference between Viocodin 7.5mg and oxyicodone 5mg?

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Inactive 13 Apr 2012

In short, nothing but an attached group of molecules which very subtly effect strength, duration, and addictive potential, and one has APAP in it while the other does not. The math is pretty much like this: Vicodin (hydrocodone) is 2 times less potent in pain management at is oxycodone, vicodin rarely, even after long term use causes life threatening withdrawal where as oxycodone will likely do so. Finally, hydrocodon lasts about an hour to two longer than oxycodon.
Side note: The likelihood of a deadly overdose of the medications is backwards because of the APAP in Vicodin. In other words, you are more likely to die from taking too many of the weaker hydrocodon/APAP mixture than from greater quanity of the more potent oxycodone alone. The reason is all about the APAP... it causes liver failure and a slow rotting effect when overdosed on and should in all honesty not be approve for over the counter use. The FDA would never approve it today.

2 7.5/325 Vicodin should be equivilant in pain releif as would be 1 and a half 5mg oxycodone. Just remember not to mix oxycodon up with Oxycontin or you'll be in a sh*t load of trouble. 10mg Oxycontin is like 18 hours of about 20 mg oxycodon. Seeing as it's simply a time release version of oxycodon, I'm unsure as to why this is, but the data is conclusive.

leeyoung 13 Apr 2012

Thank you for this info.

Scotty19 14 Apr 2012

Oxy 5's in my opinion are weaker than ES Vikes. Plus vikes have Tylenol in them. OC's are just pure opiate I believe.

Inactive 14 Apr 2012

Medications effect each person differently, so you might be right about that. You do know that the only difference between the numerous Vicodens and Norco's (the two letter prefixes and suffixes) have nothing to do with anything other than A.) renewing a patent for Brand name rights and B.) Difference in quantity of hydrocodone in the pill (APAP was also a factor until the recent law limited all RX drugs with APAP in them to have a cap of 325mg... used to be if you got the wrong darn pill you got 2.5 hydro and 750 APAP. If you wanted to ease pain with those you'd die from the APAP before you felt any relief due to quantity require for theraputic result. Careful about using the term OC's to refer as oxycodones, as it is the imprint on Oxycontin and more often thought to refer to the Brand. No pure opiate exists on the market, but just the opiate derived drug and no filler, yes. In any case, I prefer Vicoprofen because at least it's filler OTC analgesic addresses types of pain opium derived painkillers don't, like inflammation an soreness. free discount card

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