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Magnesium Oxide - Does magnesium help migraines. How much and how long to take?

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masso 3 Sep 2017

Magnesium, and particularly magnesium oxide, is sometimes used to treat and prevent migraines.


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masso 3 Sep 2017

For dosage and length of time please be so kind to ask your Dr. or your Pharmacist.

Thank you.

masso 3 Sep 2017

Ok , here you go:

Magnesium and migraines
Significant research has shown that people with migraines often have lower levels of magnesium than those without them. One study actually found that regular intake of magnesium reduced the frequency of migraine attacks by 41.6 percent. Other research has shown that taking daily magnesium supplements can be effective at preventing menstrual-related migraines.

Magnesium oxide is most frequently used to prevent migraines. You can take it in pill form, with a general recommended dosage of about 400 to 500 milligrams a day. Magnesium can be administered intravenously in the form of magnesium sulfate.

Because magnesium is a natural element and is necessary for our health, it may be a safe migraine treatment. This is especially true when compared to migraine medications, which can come with more severe side effects.


Any doubts ask you Pharmacist, this med is RX and OTC.-

masso 3 Sep 2017

The most common types of magnesium used in supplements include:

magnesium oxide, which can contain high levels of magnesium and is often used to treat migraines

magnesium sulfate, which is an inorganic form of magnesium, and only small amounts of the supplement can be absorbed into the body

magnesium carbonate, which has slightly higher levels of magnesium and is more likely to cause gastrointestinal upset

magnesium chloride, which is easily absorbed into the body

magnesium citrate, of which large amounts can be absorbed into the body; it is often used to induce bowel movements free discount card

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