... down a bottle of that awful stuff. It took 2-3 hours to kick in, but the moment it did, I knew exactly what was happening... Vesuvius was going to erupt, out the other end. But... after getting to the toilet, nothing much happened. I was still extremely constipated but my stomach was in terrible pain, like someone was stabbing me hard, over and over and over. Then about 10 minutes later... huge dump, all water. Second dump, 10 minutes after that, some solid. Four or five more liquid dumps. I couldn't see them, it was like a bowl full of dirt that had sunk, and water. Next morning, I awoke at 4 am and I barely made it to the bowl. But this time, it was solid and liquid, and not dark brown. Then a couple more dark brown unloadings. When is it going to stop? Now I am very thirsty. I have heard using magnesium citrate is not recommended in most cases. Is it really safe to use if you are constipated?