One month ago I had a posterior vaginal repair. I was rx'd oxycodone. I became more constipated than I ever thought possible (great news considering 'straining' is to be avoided after this surgery as it can undo everything). I had to revisit the hospital as my surgeon was fearful of bowel obstruction. Thankfully it was just severe constipation... the pain..omgosh the pain..I was told to drink 4x peg lite solution... which did work (too well... who knew you could have diarrhea while sleeping... *suprise* you can!) I have since been taking OTC Restorolax daily or I am unable to pass anything, but still feel I am not clearing everything out. Does anyone know if it's safe to take mag citrate post surgery?? Do you have to take it continually after (as I am finding with restorolax) or does one shot usually 'normalize' things?