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Will magnesium citrate heip me after being constipated for weeks?

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kaismama 11 Jun 2012

You must feel like you're going to explode. It should help you, its a pretty stong laxative. Is this constipation something new to you or do you have a problem with it?

kaismama 11 Jun 2012

I mean strong, not stong, lord my fingers need to wake up.

Inactive 11 Jun 2012

Dear spark, yes, it should help, but make sure you are close to a bathroom as it tends to work pretty quickly. If constipation is a problem you have often, I can give you a few tips I used that do work. More water or fluid is the first tip, seems simple, but fluid is how the body sweeps wastes away, so more fluid. More fiber, such a fresh pulpy fruit, like pineapple, apple, and melon will helps. You can take Phillips milk of magnesia tablets daily, and also suppositories and stool softeners like Dulcolax will help make it more comfortable to go. If worse comes to worse, there are always fleet enemas. Being that you haven't gone in a few weeks, the stool may be hard and there could be some mild bleeding. If you will take some Phillips tabs and Dulcuolax daily, this should keep this from happening again. I used to be on suboxone and it is KNOWN to cause severe constipation, I found that the drinking of more fluid and eating the pineapple really helped as much as anything. Hope this helps and you get some relief soon. Mny meds constipated, particularly rx pain meds and if you do have to take them, please drink more fluid, eat fruit, take the Phillips mom tabs and the dulcolax . Patti free discount card

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