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If maggots have got into a open sore what caused it and how can you get rid of them?

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Stephen Treloar 7 Aug 2014

What country are you in? This well past the stage you can treat yourself. See a doctor NOW as it must be quite a wound to get fly blown and maggots tend to eat dead flesh.

kaismama 7 Aug 2014

If you have dead tissue in the wound the maggots will eat that and that can be good. To get rid of them flush them out well. They get there because a fly layed eggs there. If you have an open wound, is a dr taking care of it?

kaismama 7 Aug 2014

Some drs actually use them to debride a wound.

misskriss79 11 Nov 2014

Wow. You need a doctor. Like yesterday. free discount card

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