I have a lot of health problems and learnt never to go alone to hospital .Well last Thursday my long awaited hystrecomy with I had waited for 2 months for was ready.
I checked my blood sugar and it was 224 but i was told to only take half dose insulin the night before. I got to hospital at 7 they checked it with their meter and it was 420.I am very brittle and stress dose rise it but i was kinda shocked they rechecked in 15 min and it read 436 so the nurse left to call surgeon I got my meter out and checked against theirs my read 310. Come to find out they had bad test strips no crap.
The nurse comes in with humlin r for coverage I told her repeatly I take humalog and a couple units will drop me .again in a half hour my sugar was 212 .By this time my 3 hr surgery room time was up and they had to cancel.When the dr came in I asked why the humlin r he said he ordered humalog. I also had a pic line in and one of the nurses did not turn it off and i had never had that antibotic before so with all the anger disappointing I had to wait to see if I was and lucky I was not. I had my husband and mother with me the whole time .
So now I am waitng on another scheduled appointment to due this. What if they would of checked another diabetic and covered them with a high dose of insulin.

Lesson learn they will admit me the night before its not protocol but i guess with all the mess ups and wasted time and being given a central line for anothing they bend rules.
thanks for letting me vent