Today was my first visit to this forum and I read every single review! I learned so much and it was a great help!!

But, a LOT of reviewers state they also use other products in conjunction with L-lysine, or use standard ones for different purposes, but don't provide explanations about how and why they use them. I've read about using hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, red marine algae, astringents, making a paste with crushed L-lysine pills combined with tea tree oil, and many other products.

I'm fairly "new" to this HORRENDOUSLY EVIL "BELONGS IN THE PITS OF HELL" "condition", and I'm not familiar with a lot of products or using standard ones in a different way for an HSV purpose; like peroxide and alcohol. My doctor told me to NOT USE ANYTHING HARSH, only products that are gentle on skin. But I don't know if this is correct information.

I RECENTLY discovered I have HSV, at the WORST POSSIBLE time EVER IN MY LIFE, and learned this DESTROYING VIRUS HAD BEEN LYING DORMANT IN MY BODY FOR 34 YEARS!!! A TOTAL EARTH-SHAKING SHOCK I COULDN'T EVEN BEGIN TO COMPREHEND!!! The ONLY person who could've infected me was an ex-boyfriend from the early 1980s (and I was SO FAITHFUL), he NEVER told me he had it, and I NEVER had one tiny symptom in ALL those years!!! I've been married and TOTALLY FAITHFUL for 29 YEARS!! For some reason I can't believe, my husband was tested and the result was negative!!! He TOTALLY BLAMED ME, and so did my PASTOR AT CHURCH!!! ALL this has pretty much emotionally murdered me and I'm so DESPERATE for help!!

The Zovirax pills and cream haven't helped as much as I hoped it would, and I currently have HORRIBLE HUGE LESIONS ALL OVER MY FACE!!! I look like a SCARY MONSTER and have suffered with this constantly for the past 3 months!! The lesions seem like they're starting to heal and go away, then they just break out again!! It's a vicious cycle and I'm not making ANY PROGRESS!! I don't want to be seen at all and haven't left my house in 2 months!! I'm really hoping the L-lysine will work, and definitely want to try the other products I've read about here!

I would be very grateful and would really appreciate it if someone, or several people, could explain the things I've talked about. I'm especially interested in how and why peroxide and alcohol are used, as well as the other products I've mentioned, and more that have been recommended in all these reviews. I'd also like to know: Is the algae a drink, pill, or topical? Can a paste be made with crushed Lysine pills and water, then applied as a topical remedy, and actually work?

I'm looking forward to all replies and learning more about treating HSV. A HUGE THANK YOU to those who will take the time to respond to my questions, and therefore provide some desperately-needed help!!