... pain mgmt Dr prescribed it and though I started at the lowest dose if I recall it was 25 MCG x 3 per day. Then as my pain increased so did the dose amt to the highest of 150 MCG x 2 per day, then in 2003 my insurance changed and I had to find a different pain mgmt Dr. And initially he did not change my meds but later he reduced all my meds. And so for the past 5 years my Lyrica dose has been 75 MCG x 3 per day. Then 2 wks ago I received a letter from our Insurance Co stating they would no longer cover Lyrica and my Dr would have to prescribe a alternative. I'm scared because it being the fact I suffer extreme spasams at least 2 to 3 times per day/worse at night and I don't know what to expect. Can anyone offer a suggestion on alternatives/medications for Lyrica?