I was on 100 mg of lyricia for about 10 months and went to 150 in nov then my doctor went to 225 a day 2 weeks ago. I have many ailments and issues. Everyone is blaming something else. Ie menapause, did brain scan came back with white matter, did heart ct. came back with some kind of leasikns or matter on liver upper left and had breast cancer on same side with Chemo radiation and mastectomy of left breast and lymph nodes removed as there were er+ for cancer and had masastitized in nodes and breast. I had let scan came back fine and blood work is also fine for cancer. It's not Lymphidemia I'm experiencing. If this is menapause I'm not gonna make it. I also got in a car accident and have a leasion in my neck that's when initial headaches started. I recently moved from me to Fl and had to get all new doctors and. Lone knows what's wrong overall with me. I am not sure if this is what's wrong but I have sever edema, have gained 20 lbs in 6 weeks, hands, feet, legs, belly are all
Swollen I can watch my skin swell and unswell if I put legs up but then they hurt badly and feel like there on fire, have soars on my leg that hurt, sever headaches, vision issues, my voice echoes in my head, can't sleep but always tired, depressed, snappy. I am trying to go back to my old dose of 100 mg. How fast can I do this and are these side effects from the lyricia. I'm confused all the time as well. I have to lay down all day so the swelling stays at a minimum. I went to the er recently and they just sent me home. I almost passed out driving home. And have been experiencing tremors and muscle spasms. I have a history of fybromgia , siatticia, neuropathy and Lymphidemia from breast cancer. And have other health issues. My blood pressure has also increased. When I look at lyricia side effects I have almost all of them. I want to stop taking it but not sure what is a safe way. And my doctor is an idiot and I have to wait to get a new one as I use the va for health insurance and there very slow. Thank anyone for there help. I'm at my wits end and hate the way I feel. My entire body feels fuzzy and not right. Sorry I'm all over the place I can't think straight at all.